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Dicky Williams. If you've heard his music, you know what it's all about.

All-Music Guide lists three albums by Dicky - In Your Face (1989), I Want You For Breakfast (1991) and Full Grown Man (1995). I have it on good authority (owning one and having seen many listings for the others) that he has at least two more full length albums and a score of singles. He has also appeared on a number of compilations, as well as guest appearances and productions. On this website I am attempting to bring together any and all information about Dicky Williams, including a discography, lyrics and whatever else as I see fit.

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PLEASE NOTE: At this time I do not know Mr. Williams personally, and am not attempting to infringe on his copyright. If he or his representatives wish me to remove anything on this site, please contact me immediately - I will be happy to comply. Thank you.

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