Other Records: LPs, 1996-2007


Where Would I Be Without My Woman?
Label: Bald Eagle
Catalog #:
1. No Other Man's Hands
2. She Jingled My Bells
3. I'm A Dog For Your Love
4. Somebody's Talking
5. I Want You
6. Side Effects of Love
7. Sex, Lies and Alibis
8. In The Same Motel
9. Tow Away Zone
10. Up All Night Long
11. I Want You For Breakfast
12. Where Would I Be - Without My Woman, Pt. 1
13. Where Would I Be - Without My Woman, Pt. 2
14. Been Loving You Too Long
15. Love (at the Laundromat)


Did The Dog (Get It All)?
Label: Blues Recount
Catalog #:


I'm Back Again
as Dicky Williams & The Ken Massey Group
Label: CDS Records
Catalog #: ?
1. I'm Back Again
2. Dog Kinda Love
3. Lovin' One Woman At A Time
4. Sugar Daddy's Back
5. Pain In The Gas Lane
6. Did The Dog Get It All?
7. It Ain't Over 'Til I Win
8. Treat Me Like A Dog
9. Somebody's Teaching My Woman How To Cheat
10. Makin' Love And Makin' A Mess
11. Love & Sex Is Not The Same
12. Dog Kinda Love (Simeo's Remix)


Hell's Gonna Be Crowded
Label: Unity Deep Promotions
1. Blessed
2. Jesus All Alone
3. Catch Me 'Fore I Fall
4. Don't Kill The Babies
5. Hell's Gonna be Crowded
6. I Wanna Thank You
7. Kick Me Out In The Yard
8. I Was Born To Praise
9. Slap Me
10. We Need To Go Back
11. No End
12. Turning Away

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