Other Records: Singles/45's

Tee-Na-Na 7"
b/w What Makes You Think You're In Love
VIN 1021

ca. 1961
Heartache Hill 7"
b/w "How Long Will I Love You"
as Dickey (Piano) Williams and The Three Wise Men
Pledge 108

ca. 1963
That's Where True Love Began 7"
b/w Oh Dreamy Me
Metro M-8168-T
as Dicky (piano) Williams & The Wisermen
A-side written by Mary Young and Dicky Williams
(Note: A Mary Young production.)

I'll Be Standing By 7"
b/w Born to Sing
as Dickie Williams
Old Town OT-102
(Note: "Prod. & Arr. by Dickie Williams under the supervision of Jimmy Byrd")

Two Women 7"
b/w You Got a Good Thing Goin'
ACE 3007

Black Woman 7"
b/w I'll Be Standing By

ca. 1978
You Get Out Of Life What You Put In 7"
b/w Old Baldhead Man
as Dickey Williams
Arrest ASD 2000

One More Time 7"
b/w Blueberry Hill
Backfire BF2034
(Note: "taken from the LP 'Two Women'"!!)

Touching You 7"
b/w I Want To Make It
Sirco 19110-A (SR121)

ca. 1986
I Truly Love You 7"
b/w It's Christmas Again
BAD 1004

Don't Give Your Love 45"
b/w In The Same Motel
Gold Thumb 4001

In The Same Motel 45"
b/w Don't Give Your Love
BAD 1003

(Let Me Love You) Before We Make Love 12"
as Dicky Williams and the Midnight Passion Band and Show
Back Fire Records (Washington, DC)
A: Vocal Part One/Rap Part Two
B: Extended Remix Version (instrumental)

ca. 1989
Come Back Pussy 7"
b/w The Same Motel

I Wanna Know Why 45"
b/w Laughin' and Grinnin' In Your Face
Ichiban ICH603

I Wanna Know Why 7"
b/w Laughin' and Grinnin' (In Your Face)

Fat Girls 45"
b/w Fat Girls (instrumental)
Gold Thumb 4002

ca. 1991
(Let Me Love You) Before We Make Love 45"
b/w I Want You For Breakfast
Ichiban ICH241

Unknown Date

Water Bed 7"
b/w Soul on You
Label: Brubell
Catalog Number: BB-5229
as Dicky Williams & The Raw Soul Orchestra
Both tracks written by L. Guess & D. Williams, Arranged by Dicky Williams & Lennis Guess, produced by L. Guess & D. Brockington

Ride The Wind 7"
b/w In the Same Motel
as Dicky Williams and Midnight Pashion Band
Back Fire BFD-4258
(Note: "from the album: 'In The Same Motel'")

Tear on Your Cheek 7"
(For a sound sample, click here.)
b/w Honey Babe
(For a sound sample, click here.)
Aztec AZ322651
Written by "Dickey Williams" (sic).

Which A Way Lord (Should Your People Go) 7"
(for a sound sample, click here) b/w Finally Together
Ken-Cat 3012-14-B
A Side Written by Dicky Wms, Dee Gioso & Thedore Mingo
B Side Written by Dicky Wms & Thedore Mingo
Arranged by Jesse Gill & Dicky Wms.
Note: Jesse Gill has appeared on a number of Dicky productions, such as Dr. Soul and The Chansonettes.
See the Guest Appearances page for more on these.

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