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07.24-31.22 - Wow, just over a year since I touched the site! Updated a bunch of shite on the singles & guest prods page. Getting ready to set up my record player (FINALLY! I moved into a new house three years ago and am just now getting my final desk set up, which will be big enough that I can put my record player next to my computer) so I started thinking about hearing these sweet Dicky records & singles, many of which I've never listened to! Accidentally deleted all the "Unknown Date" singles on the guest prods page, oops. I think there were only like 3 of them but still, irritating. Reconstructing them will be a giant PITA. I think I need a fricken spreadsheet. Added a lot more info on the Faithkeepers record, transcribed from the back of the jacket. Discovered that people on 45cat.com have a lot of info about Dicky rarities and guest prods like Ruby Johnson.

07.17.21 - Fixed bad link to comps page. Updated this page. Added a guestbook feature! So exciting. People sometimes write to me looking to contact Dicky. I have no way of doing so. Maybe instead they could leave a message on the guestbook and then contact each other? Worth a shot!

03.15.18 - Added Ruby Johnson and Jeannie Dee to the Guest Productions page. (Though in listening to the Ruby Johnson songs over on Discogs, I have to say they don't sound like anything Dicky would have written. They're too generic. I must confess I am slightly skeptical of the attribution. I'll have to keep that mystery on the back burner.) Added "Water Bed" and "Which A Way Lord" to the Singles page. Fixed a bunch of bad links. More to do. Onward!

03.04.18 - Wow, nearly TEN YEARS LATER, I revive the site yet again! DICKY-WILLIAMS.ORG LIVES! Moved entire site to Neocities, who charges me a whopping $5/month for basically the same functionality that Yahoo! Small Business was charging me like $125/year for. Since I update and maintain the entire site by hand and enjoy doing it, I neither need nor want fancy web hosting. That said, it'll be a while before all the links are working again, etc etc. What made me think of Dicky again was that I recently won a rare single on eBay. Sadly I think the lyrics pages are lost to the mists of time. Might have to recreate from scratch. We'll see! More later, I hope. Your faithful webmistress out.

07.22.08 - Long time no update. Lessee, added single (One More Time). Updated Labels page for Back Fire to reflect it as well. Also added a link to Lost Albums page from home page, and fixed a broken link from the Dicky signature image that was supposed to go to the singles page.

10.07.07 - Huzzah! Dicky-williams.org is finally live! Turns out Geocities wanted me to pay yet again for something I thought I already had. No matter, it is done and I am happy.

10.01.07 - Twiddled around with Labels page, mostly. Changed filename of Comps page. Woo bloody hoo. D-w.org refuses to work. *shades of last year* I put in the Yahoo name servers, even WHOIS knows it's supposed to be pointed here, but nada. Redelegate, NS!

09.24.07 - Added the Lost Albums on their own page.

09.23.07 - I'm back, baby! (Still working on getting dicky-williams.org domain name integrated with this site content.) Added single (Tear on Your Cheek). Updated info/added pics for other singles. Added image & soundclip to Guest Prods page (Ghetto Car). Added Links page and Labels page. Dicky has a new album out, plus another two I found out about in the long fallow period when the site was not being updated. I will add info on those albums ASAP!

09.09.06 - Added purchase links to Amazon wherever possible.

07.16.06 - Added Guest Appearances & Productions page.
Updated the mailto: links on the index & discography pages to point to my (obfuscated) regular email address instead of the yahoo one that I rarely check.

05.25.06 - Added singles (Touching You, Ride The Wind, Heartache Hill)
Updated info for other singles & added scans
Added scan of Curiosities cover
Attempted to prettify de-uglify home page
Added this page :)

04.16.05 - Added some singles (details are lost because I didn't have this page then!)

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