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02.11.24 - Just like Dicky, I'm back again! Found my CD of Leave Them Alone that I won on eBay (like 18 months ago! haha), for some reason I didn't rip it and listen to it then, so now I'm making up for lost time. I was slightly alarmed by titles such as "Battered Women" (2 times, no less!) but they turn out to be laments of the plight of said battered women - and the 2nd one is an instrumental. Updating appropriate page as I go. Tried to set up record player a few months ago, only to discover it is broken. Lol. So I bought a new one, but I have yet to set that one up. The cycle continues! Also have to change my email address everywhere on the site bc after 30 odd years, DTI has finally bitten the dust and I no longer can receive emails there. More updates hopefully after I finally play (and start digitizing) all my rare records & singles.

07.24-31.22 - Wow, just over a year since I touched the site! Updated a bunch of shite on the singles & guest prods page. Getting ready to set up my record player (FINALLY! I moved into a new house three years ago and am just now getting my final desk set up, which will be big enough that I can put my record player next to my computer) so I started thinking about hearing these sweet Dicky records & singles, many of which I've never listened to! Accidentally deleted all the "Unknown Date" singles on the guest prods page, oops. I think there were only like 3 of them but still, irritating. Reconstructing them will be a giant PITA. I think I need a fricken spreadsheet. Added a lot more info on the Faithkeepers record, transcribed from the back of the jacket. Discovered that people on 45cat.com have a lot of info about Dicky rarities and guest prods like Ruby Johnson.

07.17.21 - Fixed bad link to comps page. Updated this page. Added a guestbook feature! So exciting. People sometimes write to me looking to contact Dicky. I have no way of doing so. Maybe instead they could leave a message on the guestbook and then contact each other? Worth a shot!

03.15.18 - Added Ruby Johnson and Jeannie Dee to the Guest Productions page. (Though in listening to the Ruby Johnson songs over on Discogs, I have to say they don't sound like anything Dicky would have written. They're too generic. I must confess I am slightly skeptical of the attribution. I'll have to keep that mystery on the back burner.) Added "Water Bed" and "Which A Way Lord" to the Singles page. Fixed a bunch of bad links. More to do. Onward!

03.04.18 - Wow, nearly TEN YEARS LATER, I revive the site yet again! DICKY-WILLIAMS.ORG LIVES! Moved entire site to Neocities, who charges me a whopping $5/month for basically the same functionality that Yahoo! Small Business was charging me like $125/year for. Since I update and maintain the entire site by hand and enjoy doing it, I neither need nor want fancy web hosting. That said, it'll be a while before all the links are working again, etc etc. What made me think of Dicky again was that I recently won a rare single on eBay. Sadly I think the lyrics pages are lost to the mists of time. Might have to recreate from scratch. We'll see! More later, I hope. Your faithful webmistress out.

07.22.08 - Long time no update. Lessee, added single (One More Time). Updated Labels page for Back Fire to reflect it as well. Also added a link to Lost Albums page from home page, and fixed a broken link from the Dicky signature image that was supposed to go to the singles page.

10.07.07 - Huzzah! Dicky-williams.org is finally live! Turns out Geocities wanted me to pay yet again for something I thought I already had. No matter, it is done and I am happy.

10.01.07 - Twiddled around with Labels page, mostly. Changed filename of Comps page. Woo bloody hoo. D-w.org refuses to work. *shades of last year* I put in the Yahoo name servers, even WHOIS knows it's supposed to be pointed here, but nada. Redelegate, NS!

09.24.07 - Added the Lost Albums on their own page.

09.23.07 - I'm back, baby! (Still working on getting dicky-williams.org domain name integrated with this site content.) Added single (Tear on Your Cheek). Updated info/added pics for other singles. Added image & soundclip to Guest Prods page (Ghetto Car). Added Links page and Labels page. Dicky has a new album out, plus another two I found out about in the long fallow period when the site was not being updated. I will add info on those albums ASAP!

09.09.06 - Added purchase links to Amazon wherever possible.

07.16.06 - Added Guest Appearances & Productions page.
Updated the mailto: links on the index & discography pages to point to my (obfuscated) regular email address instead of the yahoo one that I rarely check.

05.25.06 - Added singles (Touching You, Ride The Wind, Heartache Hill)
Updated info for other singles & added scans
Added scan of Curiosities cover
Attempted to prettify de-uglify home page
Added this page :)

04.16.05 - Added some singles (details are lost because I didn't have this page then!)

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