Other Records: Singles (7" records)


b/w What Makes You Think You're In Love
VIN 1021
Mune Music BMI S-872
Both tracks written by William Boskent.

ca. 1961
Heartache Hill
b/w How Long Will I Love You
as Dickey (Piano) Williams and The Three Wise Men
Pledge 108

ca. 1963
That's Where True Love Began
b/w Oh Dreamy Me
Metro M-8168-T
as Dicky (piano) Williams & The Wisermen
A-side written by Mary Young and Dicky Williams
A Mary Young production.

Mr. Clean
b/w Let Me Know
as Dickey & Gloria
Diamond D-161
Both tracks written by Dickey Williams.
Tobi-Ann Music, a Frost-Meckler production

probably early 60's
Trapped b/w Finally Together
as Dicky "Piano" Williams
HUDD HR-110-2H/3H
Both tracks written by D. Williams & M. Young
Pub. by Willa-bella. A Donald Ray production.
"Introducing: the Dicky Williams Orchestra"


I'll Be Standing By
b/w Born to Sing
as Dickie Williams
Old Town OT-102
Prod. & Arr. by Dickie Williams under the supervision of Jimmy Byrd

Two Women
b/w You Got a Good Thing Goin'
ACE 3007

Black Woman
b/w I'll Be Standing By

ca. 1978
You Get Out Of Life What You Put In 7"
b/w Old Baldhead Man
as Dickey Williams
Arrest ASD 2000

One More Time 7"
b/w Blueberry Hill
Backfire BF2034
(Note: "taken from the *LP* 'Two Women'"!!)


Touching You 7"
b/w I Want To Make It
Sirco 19110-A (SR121)

ca. 1986
I Truly Love You 7"
b/w It's Christmas Again
BAD 1004

Don't Give Your Love 45"
b/w In The Same Motel
Gold Thumb 4001

In The Same Motel 45"
b/w Don't Give Your Love
BAD 1003

(Let Me Love You) Before We Make Love 12"
as Dicky Williams and the Midnight Passion Band and Show
Back Fire Records (Washington, DC)
A: Vocal Part One/Rap Part Two
B: Extended Remix Version (instrumental)

ca. 1989
Come Back Pussy 7"
b/w The Same Motel

I Wanna Know Why 45"
b/w Laughin' and Grinnin' In Your Face
Ichiban ICH603

I Wanna Know Why 7"
b/w Laughin' and Grinnin' (In Your Face)

Fat Girls 45"
b/w Fat Girls (instrumental)
Gold Thumb 4002

ca. 1991
(Let Me Love You) Before We Make Love 45"
b/w I Want You For Breakfast
Ichiban ICH241

Unknown Date

Water Bed 7"
b/w Soul on You
Label: Brubell
Catalog Number: BB-5229
as Dicky Williams & The Raw Soul Orchestra
Both tracks written by L. Guess & D. Williams, Arranged by Dicky Williams & Lennis Guess, produced by L. Guess & D. Brockington

Ride The Wind 7"
b/w In the Same Motel
as Dicky Williams and Midnight Pashion Band
Back Fire BFD-4258
(Note: "from the album: 'In The Same Motel'")

Tear on Your Cheek 7"
(For a sound sample, click here.)
b/w Honey Babe
(For a sound sample, click here.)
Aztec AZ322651
Written by "Dickey Williams" (sic).

Here I Go Again (To The Holiday Inn) 7"
b/w Which A Way Lord (Should Your People Go)
as Dicky "Piano" Williams & The Prisoners Of Love
Brubell DM 8431
Both tracks credited as written by "Dicky", arranged by James "Bruno". Looking at the label I'd guess this was released late 60's, early 70's at the latest.

Which A Way Lord (Should Your People Go) 7"
(for a sound sample, click here) b/w Finally Together
Ken-Cat 3012-14
A Side Written by Dicky Wms, Dee Gioso & Thedore Mingo
B Side Written by Dicky Wms & Thedore Mingo
Arranged by Jesse Gill & Dicky Wms.
Note: Jesse Gill has appeared on a number of Dicky productions, such as Dr. Soul and The Chansonettes.
See the Guest Appearances page for more on these.

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