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In Your Face LP Cover In Your Face Cassette Cover

In Your Face (CD, LP, CS)
Released in 1989 by Ichiban Records (Atlanta, GA) Ichiban logo


  1. The Same Motel (lyrics)
  2. I Didn't Do Nothin'
  3. Come Back Pussy (lyrics) (mp3)
  4. Laughin' And Grinnin'
  5. I Wanna Know Why
  6. Ugly Men
  7. Fat Girls
  8. Do You Know (Where Your Woman Is Tonight)
  9. Bad Luck And Hard Times

Red Negligee Cover

Red Negligee Label, A Side

Red Negligee Label, B Side

Red Negligee, White Whiskey and Blue Lights (LP)
Released in 1986


  1. Red Negligee, White Whiskey & Blue Lights (lyrics)
  2. (In The) Same Motel (lyrics) (mp3)
  3. Turn It Up
  4. Only One Woman
  5. Don't Give Your Love (To Anyone Else) (lyrics)
  6. Don't Leave Me
  7. I Truly Love You
  8. It's Christmas Again
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Tripple Dyn-o-Mite LP Cover Tripple Dyn-o-Mite LP label

Triple Dynomite (LP)
Released in 1978 on Back Fire Records (Washington, DC)


  1. Brother-In-Law
  2. Old Bald Headed Man
  3. Lovers After All These Years
  4. Make Room For Three
  5. My Woman
  6. Black Woman
  7. An Old Woman
  8. If You Believe

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