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Leave Them Alone (CD)
Label: Backfire
Catalog #:
1. Leave Them Alone
2. Battered Women
3. Battered Women (inst)
4. Let Me Be The Other Man
5. Laundromat Affair1
6. Been Loving You Too Long
7. Old Baldhead Man
8. Understanding Before Sex
9. So In Love (But Not With Me)
10. Dance Me To Death
11. Find A Way To Love Again
12. Is It Over
13. Pull Together
14. Hugging and Kissing
15. Touching You
16. Christmas Again
17. Aids
18. Two Men In Bed Together


Where Would I Be Without My Woman? (CD) (compilation)
Label: Bald Eagle
Catalog #:
1. No Other Man's Hands
2. She Jingled My Bells
3. I'm A Dog For Your Love
4. Somebody's Talking
5. I Want You
6. Side Effects of Love
7. Sex, Lies and Alibis
8. In The Same Motel
9. Tow Away Zone
10. Up All Night Long
11. I Want You For Breakfast
12. Where Would I Be - Without My Woman, Pt. 1
13. Where Would I Be - Without My Woman, Pt. 2
14. Been Loving You Too Long
15. Love (at the Laundromat)


Did The Dog (Get It All)? (CD)
Label: Blues Recount
Catalog #:


I'm Back Again (CD & Cassette, also now online!)
as Dicky Williams & The Ken Massey Group
Label: CDS Records
Catalog #: ?
1. I'm Back Again
2. Dog Kinda Love
3. Lovin' One Woman At A Time
4. Sugar Daddy's Back
5. Pain In The Gas Lane
6. Did The Dog Get It All?
7. It Ain't Over 'Til I Win
8. Treat Me Like A Dog
9. Somebody's Teaching My Woman How To Cheat
10. Makin' Love And Makin' A Mess
11. Love & Sex Is Not The Same
12. Dog Kinda Love (Simeo's Remix)


Hell's Gonna Be Crowded (CD)
Label: Unity Deep Promotions
1. Blessed
2. Jesus All Alone
3. Catch Me 'Fore I Fall
4. Don't Kill The Babies
5. Hell's Gonna be Crowded
6. I Wanna Thank You
7. Kick Me Out In The Yard
8. I Was Born To Praise
9. Slap Me
10. We Need To Go Back
11. No End
12. Turning Away

1 - this is the same song as "Love At The Laundromat" (track 15 from the album Where Would I Be (Without My Woman)?)

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