Dicky Williams & friends releases by label

Ace Records
Dicky releases:
"Two Women" (7", 1974)
"You Got A Good Thing Going" (45", 1974)
(also recorded 1974 but not released: "Holiday Inn","Waiting in the Gas Line", "I'll Be Standing By" - see Curiosities compilation for these tracks)

Arrest Records
Location: Washington, DC Dicky releases:
"You Get Out Of Life What You Put In (45", ca. 1978)
(as Dickey Williams)

Aztec Recording Co:
Location: Washington, DC
Dicky releases:
"Tear on My Cheek" (45", unknown date)

Back Fire Records
Owned by: Dicky Williams
Location: Washington, DC
Dicky Releases:
Tripple Dyn-o-mite (LP, 1978)
"One More Time" (45", 1979)
"Ride The Wind" (45", 1986)
(as Dicky Williams and Midnight Pashion Band)
"(Let Me Love You) Before We Make Love" (12",1988)
(as Dicky Williams and the Midnight Passion Band and Show)
Red Negligee, White Whiskey & Blue Lights (LP, 1986)

Dicky releases:
"I Truly Love You" (45",ca. 1986) "In The Same Motel" (45")

Bald Eagle
Owned by: Dicky Williams
Dicky releases:
Where Would I Be (Without My Woman)? (LP,1996)

Blues Recount
Dicky releases:
Did The Dog (Get It All) (LP,2003)

Dicky productions:
Artist: Billy The Kidd & The Prisoners Of Love
Title: "Ghetto Car" (45, 1970)

CDS Records
Location: Carlsbad, CA
Dicky releases:
I'm Back Again (CD, 2007)
as Dicky Williams & the Ken Massey Group

CMC Records
Dicky releases:
"Come Back Pussy" (7"/45, ca. 1989)
"I Wanna Know Why (45", ca. 1989)
In Your Face (LP, 1989)

Diamond Records
Dicky releases:
"Mr. Clean" b/w "Let Me Know" (7"/45, 1964)
as Dickey & Gloria

Gold Thumb
"I Truly Love You" (45", ca. 1986)
Don't Give Your Love (45")
Fat Girls (45")

Ichiban Records
Location: Atlanta, GA
Dicky releases:
"I Wanna Know Why" (45", ca. 1989)
(Let Me Love You) Before We Make Love (45", ca. 1991)
Full Grown Man (LP, 1995)

Ken-Cat Records

Location: Washington, D.C.
Dicky releases:
"Which A Way Lord (Should My People Go)"/"Finally Together" (45", unknown date)

Dicky Releases:
"That's Where True Love Began" (45", date unknown)
as Dicky (piano) Williams & The Wisermen

Location: Washington, DC
Dicky Releases: none AFAIK
Dicky Productions:
Artist: Dr. Soul
"Left Eye Jump" (45", 1970s)
"When You're Winning" (45", unknown date)
Artist: Les Chansonettes
"I Almost Left You" (Parts 1/2)(45", 1970)

Old Town
Dicky releases:
"I'll Be Standing By" (45", 1974)

Dicky Releases:
"Heartache Hill" (45", date unknown)
(as Dickey (Piano) Williams and The Three Wise Men)

Location: Baltimore, MD
Dicky Productions:
Winfield Parker - "Mr. Clean" (Parts 1 & 2)" (45", 1968)

Dicky releases:
"I'll Be Standing By" (45", ca. 1978)

Dicky releases:
"Touching You" (45", 1984)

Vin Records
Dicky releases:
"Tee-Na-Na" (45", 1960)

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