The Faithkeepers
Hell (is Going To Be Crowded) LP
Label: Wisdom Records
Catalog Number: I-W-1602
Track Listing:

Credited Musicians:
Debra Boone, Ralph Freeman Jr.: (lead vocals?? not labeled)
Dicky Williams: Keyboards, percussions (sic) & vocals
Pye Williams: Guitar #1
Phil Williams & Alfred Glover: bass
Steve (Mr. Muscles): Drums
Doug McKenzie & Ron Holloway: Horns
"Featuring guest solos by: Dicky Williams".
Other credits:
Written, arranged and produced by: Dicky Williams.
Published by: 3rd Day Miracle Music BMI.
Co-Producers: Mr. Willie O. Boone & family
Engineer: Mr. Jones (The Wizard)
Re-mix Engineer: Dicky Williams & Bryan Smith
Executive Producer: Dicky Williams
Exclusively For: Backfire Productions
Manufactured & Distributed by: Wisdom Records Inc.

45/7" - Producer, Writing & Arranging Credits

Jeanie Dee

One Fool, One Kiss, One Lie
b/w Time
Label: Musicor Records
Catalog Number: MU 1382
Written by D. Williams. Arranged by Dick Williams. Produced by Pattie Dee Enterprises.

Ruby Johnson
What Goes Up Must Come Down b/w I Want A Real Man (1963)
Label: Neb's
Catalog Number: 503
Written by D. Williams, N. Duncan, Jr.

Stop Wasting Your Tears
b/w I Received Your Message (1963)
Label: Pledge
Catalog Number: PL-108 1
Side A composed by E. Bellon, R. Degraff, J. Price, side B composed by Nerver (sic) Duncan.
with Dicky "Piano" Williams and The Millionaires 2

Here I Go Again 7" (1965)
b/w Jerk Shout
Label: Neb's
Catalog Number: 505
Both tracks written by N. Duncan, D. Williams

Come Back To Me 7" (1967)
b/w Reach Out And Touch Me
Label: Neb's
Catalog Number: 508-3
Both tracks written by Dicky Williams. A comment on 45cat says "Come Back To Me: copyright: Dicky Williams (Leonard Thomas Williams), 1 Aug 67"3

I Can't Do It 7" (1968)
b/w Why Do You Want To Leave Me
Label: Neb's
Catalog Number: 511
A side written by Dicky Williams, B side written by Ray Clark. Both tracks produced by Dicky Williams and Never Duncan, Jr. 4

Winfield Parker
"Mr Clean" (Parts 1 & 2) (1968)
Label: Ru-Jac
Catalog Number: 101-1

Jeannie Dee
Shake A Hand (1969)
b/w Three Fools In Love
Label: Hudd Records Inc.
Catalog Number: H-42969
Shake A Hand written by Joe Morris. Three Fools In Love written by Dicky Williams. Producer: Dicky Williams

Billy The Kidd & The Prisoners Of Love
"White Clouds in the Sky"45
b/w "Ghetto Car"
Label: Brubell
Catalog Number: 101
Produced by Dicky Williams and James Bruno. Click here for a Real Audio sample of Ghetto Car.

Dr. Soul
"Left Eye Jump" 45
b/w "Angel"
Label: Mon'ca
Catalog Number: 1777
Produced by Dicky Williams, The D.C. Sound. Arranged by Jessie Gill.

Willie Diggs
They're Trying To Get To You (So They Can Get Next To Me)"
b/w Good News Label: Mon'ca
Catalog Number: 1778
Written by Dicky Williams
Arranged by Jessie Gill. Produced by Dicky Williams, the D.C. Sound.

Dr. Soul
"When You're Winning" 45
b/w "Left Eye Jump"
Label: Mon'ca
Catalog Number: 1779
Produced by Dicky Williams, "The D.C. Sound". "When You're Winning" written by Dicky Williams and Jessie Gill.

Les Chansonettes
"I Almost Left You" (Parts 1 & 2) 45"
Label: Mon'ca
Catalog Number: 1780
Year: 1970
Produced by Dicky Williams, "The D.C. Sound". Written by Dicky Williams & Jessie Gill.

Paula West, Chuck Booker and the Blues Messenger Band
Where Do I Go From Here b/w You're In Trouble
Label: Nale Record Company
Catalog Number: 2000
both sides credited as written by L.T. (Dicky) Williams

Unknown Date
The Soul Avengers
I'll Be Funky 'Til I Die (Part 1) b/w I'll Be Funky 'Til I Die (Part 2)
Label: Clear Joy Records
Catalog Number:45-1110
Written By Dicky Williams, Johnny Matthews
Arranged by Dicky Williams for Young Americans
Produced by Cleveland Jones, Dicky Williams

1 - Interesting Note: Dicky's 1961 single "Heartache Hill" was also released by Pledge with the same number, PL-108.

2 - The information on this single came from 45cat.com. No copyright infringement intended.

3 - The information on this single came from 45cat.com. No copyright infringement intended.

4 - The information on this single came from 45cat.com. No copyright infringement intended.

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